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Mehra și H. Rechenberg, The historical development of quantum theory, Springer-Verlag,pg.


A study in mythology" PDF. Philosophy of Science. CiteSeerX JSTOR Physical Review.

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Bibcode : PhRv We agree, of course, that the other interpretations are nonsense, and I believe that this is clear in my book, and in previous papers. Anyway, I cannot now, unfortunately, change the book since the printing began enough time ago. History Philos.

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The development of the quantum theory, pp. Pauli with the assistance of L. Rosenfeld and V. WeisskopfPergamon, London, at p.

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The probability function, which covered a wide range of possibilities, is suddenly reduced to a much narrower range by the fact that the experiment has led to a definite result, that actually a certain event has happened. In the formalism this reduction requires that the so-called interference of probabilities, which is the most characteristic phenomena [sic] of quantum theory, is destroyed by the partly undefinable and irreversible interactions of the system with the measuring apparatus and the rest of the world.

Criticism and counterproposals to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory, Chapter 8, pp. The words of this language represent the concepts of ordinary life, which in the scientific language of physics may be refined to adresa de undă concepts of classical physics.

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These concepts are the only tools for an unambiguous communication about events, about the setting up of experiments and about their results. Holton, Y. On pp.

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Moreover, the very concept of a real factual state is debarred by the orthodox theoreticians. The situation arrived at corresponds almost exactly to that of the good old Bishop Berkeley.

Über den anschaulichen Inhalt der quantentheoretischen Kinematik und Mechanik, Z. Translation as 'The actual content of quantum theoretical kinematics and mechanics' here : "Since the statistical nature of quantum theory is so closely [linked] to adresa de undă uncertainty in all observations or perceptions, one could be tempted to conclude that behind the observed, statistical world a "real" world is hidden, in which the law of causality is applicable.

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We want to state explicitly that we believe such speculations to be both fruitless and pointless. The only task of physics is to describe the relation between observations.

Foundations of Physics. Bibcode: FoPh Această atitudine s-a schimbat drastic odată cu lucrarea sa în care a introdus relațiile de incertitudine - aici el a înaintat punctul de vedere conform căruia teoria este cea care decide ce poate fi observat.

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Trecerea sa de la pozitivism către operaționalism poate fi înțeleasă clar ca o reacție la apariția mecanicii undelor a lui Schrödinger care în particular, datorită intuitivității sale, a devenit foarte popular printre fizicieni.

Time: Bibcode: tqi. Bibcode: Sci PMID The interpretation of quantum mechanics, Br. Bibcode: RvMP Einstein's statistical theories, in Albert Einstein: Philosopher Scientist, ed.

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Physical Review Adresa de undă. Bibcode: PhRvL.