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Man of a Thousand Faces — James Cagney dresses as a woman for a few scenes. Swiss Family Robinson — Janet Munro dresses as a boy to appear less vulnerable to pirates.

Thunderball — A former enemy of Bond fakes his death and poses as his own widow in the prologue segment. The Damned — Directed by Luchino Visconti.

Martin's a character played by Helmut Berger drag performance as Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel at his grandfather's birthday celebration, notorious at the time of the film's release, has since become an iconic image in cinema history. Freebie and The Bean — Mystery hit man turns out to be a convincing transvestite. Arabian Nights — Zumurrud disguises as a man, comes to a far-away kingdom where she becomes king Thunderbolt and Lightfoot — Jeff Bridges cross-dresses to distract bank guards in a robbery.

Salò, or the Days of Sodom — The four masters dress in women's clothes and coerce their male victims, clothed in wedding dresses, promoții comerciale utena same-sex marriage. Perfect Gentlemen [2] Monty Python's Life Of Brian — Several "women" actually portrayed by the all-male Python ensemble disguise themselves as men in order to attend a stoning.

Dragonslayer - Caitlin Clarke plays a young woman whose promoții comerciale utena disguised her as a boy from birth in order to protect her from an annual lottery in which young women are selected to be fed to the dragon. Deathstalker — The promoții comerciale utena Munkar, turns his henchman Gargit into the image of Princess Codille Barbi Bentonin order to seduce the hero Deathstalker. Yellowbeard — Captain Hughes sneaks a woman on board ship by having her dress as a man.

Angel — Dick Shawn plays street-smart transvestite, who is like a den-mother to the main character, child prostitute, Angel. Ronia, the Robber's Daughter — A robber dresses as a female to con other robbers.

Armed and Dangerous — John Candy dresses as a Divine-type drag queen to track down criminals. Betty Blue — Zorg dresses and passes as a woman "Josephine" in two crucial scenes. Outrageous Fortune — Bette Midler and Shelley Long disguise themselves as pre-pubescent boys to gain entry into a remote brothel in New Mexico.

Willow — Madmartigan portrayed by Val Kilmer disguises himself unsuccessfully as a woman to hide promoții comerciale utena apparent infidelity from a jealous husband. Promoții comerciale utena - While not exactly a plot element, the role of Edna Turnblad has always been played by a man in drag, and was indeed written with that intention, most recently portrayed by John Travolta in the remake.

Total Recall — Arnold Schwarzenegger disguises himself as a lady in an attempt to avoid Michael Ironsidewho wants to capture him on his return to Mars.

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Sleeping with the Enemy — Julia Roberts disguises herself as a young man in order to visit her elderly mother and avoid her possessive husband. Hook — Glenn Close plays a pirate who is part promoții comerciale utena Captain Hook 's crew. Lois Einhorn, who is really a football player named Ray Finkle in disguise. Junior — Arnold Schwarzenegger disguises himself to hide in a women's shelter during the last few months of an experimental male pregnancy.

Con Air — Renoly Santiago appears as Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez — an effeminatetransvestite inmate who appears sexually subservient to his fellow detainees.

Cross-dressing in film and television

Marshal Artemus Gordon Kevin Kline disguises himself as a prostitute. Jim West Will Smith also appears as a belly dancer to rescue U. Sweet November — Sara's two confidantes, Chaz and Brandon, are gay transvestites. Jumba Jookiba. There are also other instances of drag throughout the film. Camp — One of the main characters, Michael, gets beaten up for wearing a dress, fishnet stockings, and high heels to his high lucrați de acasă pentru zanlanda prom.

Later on in the film, in his birthday party at camp, all his friends dress in drag as part of the celebration. Because of this, the camp director promoții comerciale utena on a crusade to be more like a normal summer camp. L'île de Black Mor The Island of Black Mor — In Jean-François Laguionie 's motion picture, Petit Moine Little Monkcaptured by the pirates in a monastery, reveals to be a girl disguised as a boy, which leads to many arguments, since women on board are forbidden by pirate law.

Rent — One of the main characters, Angel, is a drag queen. Robots — Fender, voiced by Robin Williamsslowly unleashes his cross-dressing tendencies. Offside — An Iranian girl disguises herself as a boy to go attend the World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain.

promoții comerciale utena

Stardust — Captain Shakespeare is a closeted cross-dresser. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising — Director Matt Vancil is a male gamer rather unsuccessfully plays a female character.

promoții comerciale utena

Rage — Jude Law plays Minx, promoții comerciale utena transvestite supermodel. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - During the alternate universe sequence, Haruhi, who in this universe is a Kouyouen student, wears Kyon's tracksuit when disguising herself as a North High student.

Denizen — The lead character J. Steel is a lesbian with a cross-dressing father, who is a general in the US Army. Edgar - after his mother dies, Hoover is shown donning her dress and necklace [4] A Star is Promoții comerciale utena — The lead character, Ally, works as a performer at a drag club where she is discovered by Jackson Maine. The Beach Bum promoții comerciale utena The lead character, Moondog, disguises himself in women's clothing to escape discovery from the police. Comedic element in documentary[ edit ] In the documentary Giuliani Time there are excerpts from Rudy Giuliani 's appearance in a video, which was shown for the occasion of an Inner Circle press dinner.

Television[ edit ] Milton Berle was one of the most famous early cross-dressing comedians in skits and such on his NBC shows from to The first episode of the Blackadder II series ends with Blackadder 's servant, Baldrickacting as bridesmaid, and Lord Flashheart swapping clothes and running off with Blackadder's bride.

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Not to be outdone in this regard, the female British team of French and Saunders have produced many sketches in which one or both of the actresses portray men. Rudy Giuliani appeared on Saturday Night Live dressed as a woman. Doing some of his best routines, Jonathan Winters played the character, Maude Fricket. British stand-up comedian and actor Eddie Izzardwho describes himself as an 'executive' or 'action' transvestite and regularly cross-dresses both on and off stage, has acted in several films including most recently Valkyrieas well as releasing his stand-up work on video and DVD Live at the AmbassadorsUnrepeatableDefinite ArticleGloriousDress to KillCircleand Sexie The Monty Python troupe have been known to cross dress for comedic purposes in promoții comerciale utena TV series and films.

The troupe usually dress up as older, more unarousing women referred to by the troupe as "pepperpots". Although member Terry Jones was most famous for his female characters, all the members have been seen in drag in one sketch or another; members Michael Palin and Eric Idle have been said to look the most feminine, Graham Chapman specialized in screeching, annoying housewives and John Cleesewhom the troupe has said is the most hilarious in drag, appears so extremely unfeminine, with his square chin and six-foot, five-inch frame that it is funny.

promoții comerciale utena

Cleese also wore female clothes while appearing as himself in a magazine advertisement for American Express. Monty Python's Flying Circus also did a sketch called " The Lumberjack Song ," about a lumberjack who likes to "put on women's clothing and hang around in bars.

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White is usually played by a man. In all versions of Hairspray—the original filmthe stage musicaland the film adapted from the musical —Edna Turnblad is played by a man.

On some plays and films by Tyler Perryhe dresses up as a woman to play as Madea. Meryl Streep played a male rabbi in chenar de opțiune binară episode of Angels in America.

The Kids in the Hall comedy troupe often dress up as female characters.

promoții comerciale utena

In contrast to Monty Python, who dressed as women in an exaggerated fashion for comedic purposes, The Kids in the Hall usually played women straight, their reasoning for cross-dressing being that there are few if any women involved in their projects. This has gone on to be one of the group's defining characteristics. Matt Lucas and David Walliams regularly cross-dress instruire profesională comercială the Little Promoții comerciale utena television comedy show, with Lucas in particular often somewhat more feminine and convincing in his appearance and performances than cross-dressing comedians of the past.

The two also sometimes play a pair of unconvincing transvestites as a parody of some cross-dressers who try to act in a stereotypically feminine promoții comerciale utena while not succeeding in "passing" as women. In the Kannada movie Bombat Hendthia well-known male actor and dancer named Sridar crossdresses. His character and the character's friends want to rent a house, but the owners are not willing to rent to bachelors.

So Sridhar crossdresses to become his friend's wife, while the rest of the actors Sihi-kahi Chandru, Tennis Krishna, Ramesh Bhatt, Malashri and Anjali are in supporting roles.

promoții comerciale utena

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince — The main character pretends to be a boy in order to obtain a job at a coffee shop that only hires men. Are You Being Served?

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