Robot terminal comercial

robot terminal comercial

History[ edit ] Most 20th century answering machines used magnetic recordingwhich Valdemar Poulsen invented in Starting inClarence Hickman worked for Bell Laboratorieswhere he developed methods for magnetic recording and worked on the recognition of speech patterns and electromechanical switching systems.

The device reportedly also was able to keep track of the time the recordings were made. Danner, who founded Electronic Secretary Industries in Wisconsin.

robot terminal comercial

The Electronic Secretary used the then state-of-the-art technology of a 45 rpm record player for announcements and a wire recorder for message capture and playback. Kazuo Hashimotowho was employed by a company called Phonetel. This company began selling the first answering machines in the US in This device and its successors were designed by Robot terminal comercial Jacobson, an electrical engineer with a private consulting business.

James P. This system won a gold award from the Engineering department.

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Answering and ending calls[ edit ] There are two possibilities for answering an incoming call: 1 waiting arbitrarily long for operator intervention, or 2 automatically answering after a specified number of rings in a certain state of the TAD e.

This is useful if the owner is screening calls and does not wish to speak with all callers. In any case after going off-hookthe calling party should be informed about the call having been answered in most cases this starts the chargingeither by some remark of the operator, or by some greeting message of the TAD, or addressed to non-human callers e.

In robot terminal comercial cases the terminal equipment answering a call just sends a slightly modified ringback tone to the caller, while processing the protocol.

robot terminal comercial

Similarly, the called equipment can end a call by going on-hook deliberately, because of some specific signalling, or because of some time robot terminal comercial. Pure voice operation[ edit robot terminal comercial In case of voice-only environments any accepted call can be directly handed over to a TAD, which may be preemptively superseded robot terminal comercial a human-operated handset, taking control by simply going off-hook itself, forcing the TAD robot terminal comercial on-hook.

Voice signals may simply be captured to and replayed from analogue media mostly tapesbut later TADs shifted to digital storage, with all of its convenience for compression and handling, for both the greeting and for the recorded messages. Greeting message[ edit ] An endless-loop outgoing message tape used in dual-cassette-based answering machines Most modern answering machines have a system for greeting.

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The owner may record a message that will be played back to the caller, or an automatic message will be played if the owner does not record one. This holds especially for the TADs with digitally stored greeting messages or for earlier machines before the rise of microcassettes with a special endless loop tape, separate from a second cassette, dedicated to recording.

There have been answer-only devices with no recording robot terminal comercial, where the greeting message had to inform callers of a state of current unattainability, or e. In recording TADs the greeting usually contains an invitation to leave a message "after the beep".

robot terminal comercial

Greeting messages are partly considered as an art form, robot terminal comercial the creativity and attractiveness of the operator of the TAD via remarkable wording and sound staging. Recording messages[ edit ] An answering machine that uses a microcassette to record messages On a dual-cassette answerphone, there is an outgoing cassette, which after the specified number of rings plays a pre-recorded message to the caller.

Once the message is complete, the outgoing cassette stops and the incoming cassette starts recording the caller's message, and then stops when the caller hangs up. Single-cassette answering machines contain the outgoing message at the beginning of the tape and incoming messages on the remaining space. They bitcoin cât poți câștiga play the announcement, then fast-forward to the next available space for recording, then record the caller's message.

If there are many previous messages, fast-forwarding through them can cause a significant delay.

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This delay is taken care of by playing back a beep to the caller, when the TAD is ready to record. This beep is often referred to in the greeting message, requesting that the caller leave a message "after the beep".

robot terminal comercial

TADs with digital storage for the recorded messages do not show this delay, of course. Remote control[ edit ] A TAD may offer a remote control facility, whereby the answerphone owner can ring the home number and, by entering a code on the remote telephone's keypad, can listen to recorded messages, or delete them, even when away from home.

robot terminal comercial

Many devices offer a "toll-saver" function for this purpose. Thereby the machine increases the number of rings after which it answers the call typically by two, resulting in four ringsif no unread messages are currently stored, but answers after the set number of rings usually two if there are unread messages. This allows the owner to find out whether there are messages waiting; if there are none, the owner can hang up the phone on the, e.

Some machines also allow themselves to be remotely activated, if they have been switched off, by calling and letting the phone ring a certain large number of times usually Some service providers abandon calls already after a smaller number of rings, making remote activation impossible.

In the robot terminal comercial days of TADs a special transmitter for DTMF tones dual-tone multi-frequency signalling was regionally required for remote control, since the formerly employed pulse dialling is not apt to convey appropriate signalling along an active connection, and the dual-tone multi-frequency signalling was implemented stepwise.

Combined operation[ edit ] This refers to analogue sites, which support voice, fax and data transmission via landlines by adhering to specific protocols established by the ITU-T. Any incoming call is not identifiable with respect to these properties in advance of going "off hook" by the terminal equipment.

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So after going off hook the calls must be switched to appropriate devices and only the voice-type is immediately accessible to a human, but perhaps, nevertheless should be routed to a TAD e. Starting with the integration of faxing devices into computers via Fax modems the automated answering of voice robot terminal comercial by a computer went live via specific software, like e.

These systems allowed for quite elaborate voice box systems, navigated via dual-tone multi-frequency signalingallowing a computer on a single telephony line to sound like a professional telephony system with hierarchical fax and message boxes with an automatic call distributorwhere a caller might deposit his messages, leave his faxes behind, might listen to specific messages, or start a fax-back service.

robot terminal comercial